Sustainability is at the centre of our shared ethos at the West of Scotland Science Park. Together with the organisations that occupy the park, we are constantly working towards an environmentally stable future through innovation in science and technology. 

At the West of Scotland Science Park, we have several sustainable energy systems in place including biomass heating systems, ground source open-loop heat pumps and wind power. It is essential to us that our buildings maintain the highest standard of energy efficiency which is why we have made it our goal to have A rated Energy Performance Certificates across the entire park by 2025. All of our new build and recently refurbished buildings have already achieved this, putting us on a strong course to achieve our goal.

As well as our buildings, we promote lessening your carbon footprint due to our proximity to transport links and maintained cycle routes through the park. 

The park itself provides a green space only 3 miles from Glasgow city centre, in turn promoting a better work environment.

Sustainability at a Glance

At the forefront of our sustainability programme is our Venture building, based on our Kelvin Campus. The Venture building has received a number of accolades including being certified 'Excellent' by BREEAM and having an 'A' rated energy performance certificate.

The venture was designed to be naturally ventilated and produces renewable energy from an onsite 11KW wind turbine.  

All of our new buildings and refurbishments in the West of Scotland Science Park are A rated for energy performance.

Our goal is to upgrade all of our buildings to an A rated standard by 2025 creating a sustainable work environment for generations to come.

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